Graffiti, Character, Mixed


“My research is about the evolution of the animal in the city. We must invade everything, the street, the canvases ...”

French artist from the southern suburb of Paris, DACO was born in 1980 in Palaiseau.

DACO gets his inspiration from everything that surrounds him. For him, image is important. His style, which is a patchwork of images, views, ideas is very graphic and geometric.

Although he went to drawing schools, he found his way in graffiti. Self-taught in this field, DACO began with classic lettering but got quickly attracted by the wild style (complex lettering) in which he found more aesthetics. Then the desire to share something else quickly directed him towards a deconstructed style in order to create a visual identity, a unique and recognizable graphic style, his favorite fields being the wastelands and the big walls. He then deployed his identity as an illustration, with his series of animals he calls “GRAFFAUNE” (contraction of graffiti and wildlife) where his graffiti mingle with a punk-like bestiary with geometric lines. This is how he created a kind of urban jungle.

His creations show colors and a geometry that do not belong to reality. If it is easy to recognize the animals in fairly pronounced postures, what DACO is looking for before all is the dynamism of the beasts, in full motion, expressing themselves, coming out of the canvas: a real animal invasion.

Graffaune Animal
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