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« God save the Queen. No future, no future for you !!»

Born in Bourg-en-Bresse in 1964, KRISTIX has always drawn since her youngest age. Arrived in Paris in the early 80s, she discovered the punk rock wave that swept from the suburbs of London and instantly adhered to this musical culture.

Very integrated with alternative environments, she began to express herself on the walls of Paris, during her peregrinations. She participated in numerous collective projects and learned from already experienced artists. From that time, she began to paint on canvas whenever she could.

She takes a liking to the canvas, and blithely mixes techniques. Brush, spray can, roll, knife .... everything inspires her, and KRISTIX always paints in music, as in the 80s. Bérurier Noir, Parabellum, the Clash ... all these mythical groups are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Her favorite themes revolve around diversity, ethnicity, oppressed minorities in their own country, and women in particular. KRISTIX is passionate about the subject and takes a particular pleasure to create.

KRISTIX now produces her oil paintings, which gives women's faces that she paints a very particular and characteristic expression of this technique. The drying time, the possibility of mixing colors to reach the expected shade.... it is her favourite medium.

In constant evolution, KRISTIX has been using the knife for a long time to give her creations substance and thickness. "That's what I prefer, oil painting with a knife, it takes hours! ".

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