Graffiti, Mixed


“My labyrinths are just a path from which we must find the exit but like in life, we can stay its prisoner or take pleasure in it”

Born in 1994, KELKIN is an artist of the new generation whose creativity is overflowing. He lives his art permanently, without barriers nor constraints. KELKIN takes us into his labyrinthine universe and his creations exert on us a fascination from which it is difficult to escape.

Reflecting our lives that criss-cross and clash, KELKIN's labyrinths always have one or more ways out, but as in life, you have to take the time to look for them and find them, or not. We must analyze the exits of the labyrinth: should I take this path? Is it the right one? Not this one, the other one: an eternal questioning about the choices men have to face and make.

But KELKIN’s painting is not only a mystical and questioning universe, it is also an opening to the outside world. He now integrates color into his labyrinthine approach, which opens up new horizons, and he even comes out of this universe to offer us a different vision of his art, as if color had opened other doors, another facet of his talent, more cheerful, more alive but just as fascinating.

KELKIN is an artist who grows at the same time as his art asserts itself, and which for sure keeps creative surprises in the years to come.

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