WE NEED ART is first of all a desire, even desires. A desire to meet artists and to exchange with them on their art, a desire to discover their artworks and to say "I would like to have it at home". It is also a desire to allow people to discover the artistic phenomenon that is urban art, to the greatest number, whether they are collectors, amateurs or novices in this field.

WE NEED ART is the platform that allows artists to put their works online at a price they consider to correspond to their work done.

But WE NEED ART is also a virtual gallery through which the visitor can acquire one or more artworks at a reasonable price, since it is the price fixed by the artist himself without any commission added.

This financial transparency is one of the fundamentals of WE NEED ART, the idea that the acquisition of an artwork is synonymous with satisfaction for both the artist and the buyer. WE NEED ART remains a facilitator between creators and amateurs, a gateway to try to make known.

Far from any concept of financial investment of artworks and of \"official\" rating of the artists, WE NEED ART wants to touch the visitors through emotions, feelings which we experience when we own a piece of artwork, at home, for the pleasure of contemplating, showing and sharing it with our family and friends.

If you catch the virus of urban art, you will not be able to get rid of it, and it is a very good thing because the urban art, we cross it every day. There is no cure. The artists are numerous and talented and just waiting to be known and recognized for the quality of their achievements.

WE NEED ART also wants to allow you to get to know the artists, to understand their techniques, the emotions they transmit, the messages they seek to convey. It's more than just a purchase, it's a gift to yourself.

More than democratizing urban art found today everywhere in our cities, whether on walls or elsewhere, WE NEED ART aims to help you take the plunge if you are new to the subject and offer you a varied choice of urban artworks if you are an amateur.

WE NEED ART is a platform dedicated to urban art and has also decided to offer only original paintings, made by the artists themselves in their studio. It's a deliberate choice ...

At any time, you can contact one or several artists who are present on the site using the mailbox that is on contact page by specifying the name of the artist whom you want to contact. This contact is only possible if you have opened an account on our platform.

The artist will answer you in a reasonable time because obviously they are not always behind their computer. They create, they travel, they exhibit ...

You can find the creations of the majority of our artists in the street, raise your head when you walk, whether i.n Paris or in the provinces, and you will become attentive to this new artistic environment accessible to all.

WE NEED ART met all the artists present on the site. It is important for us not to limit ourselves to the artworks themselves, but also to understand the environment in which the artist evolves, what matters to him, and his feelings as an artist.

We did not select our artists, the approach was reversed, and we will continue to do so. We have discovered them over the years, in group exhibitions, solidarity auctions, in ephemeral places, or simply by walking down the streets and looking at the walls, the nooks, the roofs ... ... and we asked them if they were up for the WE NEED ART adventure.