Graffiti, Stencil


“For me, urban painting answers to a need to put art within everyone's reach in a colorful, playful sharing that brings happiness and hope !!”

In 1989, MOSKO began to paint wild animals from Africa signed with his artist name in the endangered neighborhood of Moskowa, north of the 18th area. The following year, the adventure became collective under the name MOSKO and associates, always with the same and simple ambition: to beautify the living environment.

In 2004, it was the first transposition of street animals to gallery walls, on the occasion of the release of the book "Paint the giraffe". Giraffes, zebras and felines are painted on wood, palisades and other salvaged supports, and thus access a completely different reality. From 2005 and “Urban Section”, which will mark the peak of the collective, MOSKO develops his work in his studio in Aubervilliers then in Montreuil while continuing to paint in the street.

The popularity of the works he produced there and the endorsement of institutions reinforced his efforts and led him to find his place on the art market. Passages in auctions, collective and personal exhibitions, his career develops in France in particular with a remarkable participation in the Tour Paris 13.

As part of both a process of continuity and rebirth, MOSKO finds, from 2015, his original signature. While persisting in an animal theme, this year of change will also be that of a new technical approach. Developed during an artist residency in Dune (Pondicherry) in February 2013, then inaugurated in the street in February 2015 during the Kochi Muziris biennale (Kerala), this new technical approach makes full use of acrylic paint and brush practice. The use of a monochrome finalization stencil then becomes a simple tool. This new approach liberates him from all points of view, bringing a great freshness to renewal.

Lion Tiger
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