Graffiti, Character


"My artistic world is emotional, I am looking visually for what touches me and what may make people curious."

SKIO was born in Nice in 1980. At the age of 15, he began drawing on the walls of his city with sprays found in his cellar, without knowing that it was forbidden. A few warnings later, he fully integrated the Graffiti movement and learned its codes by working in the shade of trains and walls in south-eastern France.

After a few festivals, he devoted his "graffiti" energy to the creation of illustrative frescoes. Graduated as a multimedia designer in 2004, SKIO moved to Paris in 2006.
Urban activist and graffiti artist, SKIO became artistic director and organizer of alternative urban events in order to meet artists working in Paris.

SKIO is a versatile artist, with an inexhaustible curiosity, interested in creation in all its forms. Above all passionate about the image, he is a multi-talented artist, who new creative techniques. This is how he navigates between various places and artistic expressions: digital compositions, drawing, graffiti, painting, performances ... For him, each medium is a universe on its own with constraints and styles that are imposed differently.

Regularly invited to participate in various cultural and artistic events in France and abroad, SKIO merges his technical knowledge in order to retranscribe his loves, his fears, his nostalgia, his dynamism, by creating with finesse images where the attention to detail coexists a search for feeling. His works represent a fantastic universe, often surreal, a mixture of representative imagery and chimerical character.

Street Fluo
  • 32.4 x 26 inches

    Acrylic, Aerosol

    1 210 €
  • 32.4 x 24 inches

    Acrylic, Aerosol

    1 210 €
  • 32 x 24 inches

    Acrylic, Aerosol

    1 210 €
  • 24 x 32 inches

    Acrylic, Aerosol

    1 260 €