Graffiti, Character


"I like to use different techniques otherwise I get bored. But on canvas, I let myself go. "

Born in 1991 in Avignon, the artist ABYS has been living in Nancy for several years. ABYS has always been passionate about drawing and started graffiti at 16 thanks to a friend from the Applied Arts. After graduating from high school, he undertook training as an applied arts technician (visual communication diploma) to combine passion and profession. He then experimented different techniques such as illustration, painting, sculpture, posters, in order to explore all possible artistic expressions ...

Whether he delicately paints female bodies, scary puppeteers or magical animals, ABYS always brings a touch of poetry. His paintings invite you to travel, and take us into abundant worlds, full of strange but colorful characters, disturbing or touching. He developed a fantastic bestiary, from the jazzman rat to the robber raccoon, which he recomposes on certain murals. His paintings are like fragmented surfaces; each facet reveals a little of its author. But with its chameleon universe, changing according to collaborations and desires, ABYS remains elusive.

ABYS has been a freelance graphic designer for 8 years and continues to produce personal works in the street and to participate in some exhibitions and events. The artist has more than one string to his bow. He navigates between styles, figurative or realistic, as well as between supports. Drawing, painting, graffiti, and soon screen printing and tattoos, he wants to explore all artistic expressions.

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