Character, Graffiti, Mixed

Supo Caos

"I find myself in a social and humanitarian speech but I am an artist, not a politician. My practice is a snub: How to get out of this society that leads us to chaos? Through painting"

SUPO CAOS began graffiti in 1996 in his village east of Nimes, Théziers. At that time, he used to sign the very name of his village, because his goal was to highlight it. He quickly chose to embellish the urban space rather than degrade it as we saw too often.

Throughout the different artistic encounters, SUPO CAOS has become a sponge with influences. His funny cyclops, the SUPO, colorful and monophthalmus worm (which means "who has only one eye") appears in his creations.

From the discipline of lettering, the spray control and the conditions of extreme exercises, it emerges an artistic schizophrenia, although quite controlled, which takes shape in the dichotomy between the SUPO and the CAOS. If the CAOS embodies the graffiti energy that allows to let off steam, the SUPO, in reaction to the particle "Supa" very much used at the time, allows the artist to create with irony: "The conflict between these two worlds allows me to work on a wider range of themes".

But today, SUPO CAOS wants to go further. His artistic approach is now marked by the more common intrusion of the figurative: the artist tells us stories with a narration relayed by the SUPO in order to guide the viewer.

Between commitment of ideas, dynamism and proliferation of colors, SUPO CAOS offers you to lose yourself in his universe.

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