Graffiti, Character


"In all my frescoes, I try to offer a reflection on the world around us."

GRUMO is a Street Art artist born in 1980. Based in South East of France, he has been evolving in Graffiti for 15 years as a perfect self-taught artist.

Often invited in France to produce large murals or participate in exhibitions, he has also been developing for several years a work on canvas that takes up his favorite creative themes.
Very much influenced by Bilal or Spiegelman's comics and by the Graffiti culture, his works tell us about the street, the lost individual, seeking freedom in an unfair, oppressive society.

GRUMO takes part in many festivals and very often works in a crew. He considers that it creates a very good emulation between artists, or between friends should he say, as it is not a competition for him, but a way for everyone to excel and learn from other colleagues creations.

GRUMO shows in his creations a hyper-technological society which opposes the laws of benevolent nature. Very poetic works, teeming with details that tell of man’s existential quest for a humanist and colorful journey.

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