Rose-Agathe STEINER

Pop Art, Graffiti, Character

Rose-Agathe Steiner

“I am not politically correct, and my paintings reflect it”

ROSE AGATHE STEINER is not an early artist. She had a first life of intensive creativity, not in art but in marketing. However, if your true nature is chased away, it will come running back! After a few years, the choice of "reason" gives way to desire, passion, and the excitement of actually creating something with her hands, to express emotions so far refrained. However, it all came with a click, an accident of life that allows -if not a questioning-, an opportunity to take stock of one’s life and to question oneself.

Marginal, unclassifiable, raw, ROSE AGATHE STEINER creates with an ironic modesty. Her artworks are inspired by the world of TV series, cinema, fragile or pugnacious superheroes: a neo-punk universe rocked by calligraphy, urban art, dreams of sleep with rap music in the background.

Strongly tinged with Pop Art, her creations nevertheless pass messages in direct connection with her emotions of the moment. It can be joy, laughter but also sadness, tears or moments of loneliness.

Depending on her feelings and emotions, the colors are flamboyant or gloomy, the characters enlightened or in the shade, barely visible. No pretense in the artworks of ROSE AGATHE, take it or leave it! So, take it !!!

Rap Shock