Pochoir, Graffiti

Lady Bug

“A small dot, two small dots, three small dots... my vision of life is idealistic and I draw you what I see!”

LADYBUG who was born in 1988, is a painter with Street Art influences. Passionate about Africa, she set her sights on the faces that she likes to reproduce with her particular technique that she took several years to develop and refine.

Her goal was to find a way to quickly paint a very expressive and detailed face on the street. LADYBUG has therefore developed a hand-cut stencil technique, which uses the pointillism process. This allows her to have a single layer, and to play on the contrast of black and white. She also uses the traditional brush and acrylic painting technique for smaller formats.

The way light sculpts the black skins of African faces fascinates her. She is obsessed with this luminosity. When she crosses a beautiful face, she will not say that he or she is beautiful but that he/she is graphically beautiful, that he/she inspires her. It’s more about being true, more natural than being beautiful.In addition, it is the image at the key instant which is interesting, which makes it possible to capture the real depth.

Here is the story of a woman who sees beyond appearances. A woman who sees the human being as he is. A woman who perceives him without a mask, in his rawest essence.

LADYBUG also uses mixes of ultra-colorful wax fabrics which remind her of this African universe, and likes to incorporate imaginary animals and a quirky iconography into her creations.

Black White