Graffiti, Abstract, Mixed


“My artworks are graphic viruses which evolve”

Self-taught artist, NASSYO was born in Paris in 1974. Eternal child of the 80s, NASSYO has always liked to create, draw and especially try different things. The streets of Paris in those years, hardcovered by BANDO, BOXER and other graffiti artists of the first days will pave the way.

He has many sources of inspiration, "Everything, I look at everything around me" confirms NASSYO.

His favorite subject is transformation, whether it is human or urban, or both. Fascinated by anatomy and mechanics since always, he considers the city as a place where humanoids and machines intersect, where the elements mingle and embrace until saturation, expressing a frantic and sometimes chaotic rhythm.

He likes to illustrate construction machinery, assembly lines, human anatomy, the border or the complementarity between man and mechanics, all with a touch of cynicism.

Very much influenced by his graffiti period, he kept a great spontaneity, a need for improvisation that is transcribed directly on his paintings. The "direct line" allows it to be much faster in the execution. His artworks require a methodical reading where every detail plays its role.

For NASSYO, what matters the most today, is the desire to give a clear message with perhaps the minimum of information for a maximum of impact.

Human Urban
Sold artworks
  • 16 x 24 inches