Company tax exemption

As a company, you can invest in artworks of urban art to bring to your offices that extra soul characteristic and essential to the fulfillment of all. You and your colleagues will appreciate having artworks that not only bring contemporary art to your premises, but also the sharing of a growing urban phenomenon and an artistic encounter with the artists who created these artworks.

If you do not find your happiness on the online catalog of artworks, contact us so that we define together your need, and establish a specification corresponding to your budget. Artists will be able to create artworks on request on canvas, but also on walls if it is an option that interests you.

As a company, you benefit from a tax advantage that consists of deducting from your taxable profit, an amount corresponding to 20% of the purchase value of the artwork (or artworks) and this from the first year and over the next four years, thus a deduction of the total value of the artworks acquired. If exceeded, you can carry over the surplus over the following years. The annual deduction cannot be greater than 5 ‰ of the turnover.

Be careful, we are talking here about a total deduction of your tax base, not your tax amount.

The conditions to be respected consist in exposing these artworks in a place accessible to the public and / or the employees of the company, and this during 5 years.

If you have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us.