Stencil, Collage, Mixed


“MARSEILLE has now found its place in terms of international recognition”

BASTO was born in 1973 in Marseille. He discovered the first tags in Paris at the end of the 80s, visiting tirelessly during his visits to the capital the main graffiti spots of those years. Back in the south, he became one of the first graffiti artists in the Phoacean city and quickly established himself on the local art scene.

Although still doing external performances, BASTO also began to create on canvas in the mid-90s. The canvas allow BASTO to open himself to other techniques, to another gesture, more peaceful, deeper and more finely worked. He takes the time to express himself and to study with a more visual boldness.

His travels as well as his Mediterranean origins also infiltrate the canvas through compositions with shimmering colors with, as a distinctive sign, the systematic use of warm and primary colors.

BASTO finds a strong energy through the use of different techniques: acrylic, aerosol, stencil, markers. The gouache marker and / or paint marker finishes reveal a more structured and step back phase.

Recently based in Paris, BASTO continues to develop his 1970s-style Pop Art approach, influenced by the masters of the 70s like Andy Warhol, but is also trying out new creative research in a totally different artistic style that can be compared to figurative naturalism.

Marseille Star Wars
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