Abstract, Pop Art

Reyol Enjoy

« The idea is stronger than the technique. We cannot learn the idea. We must cultivate it, make it emerge. "

Self-taught artist, born in 1965, REYOL ENJOY has a first life, not particularly artistic in terms of creation. Passionate about the arts, he goes from darkness to light less than a decade ago. He then decided to start creating, and all the matter accumulated and repressed for a long time found a way to express itself. Using his multiple inspirations in a disordered way at the beginning, REYOL ENJOY succeeded little by little to control his creation.

Constantly listening to his emotions, inspired by words or texts, it is the multiplicity of ideas that come to mind that inspire him. It is enough to channel this uninterrupted flow of feelings and project them on the canvas.

It blithely mixes different sources of inspiration such as African, aboriginal or Native American art, the texts of great writers or famous unknown, always in music but "... rock and electro only".

His main motivation is to create visual sensations, to make the colors speak and to transmit his painting to someone who will interpret it with his/her own ideas and emotions. His paintings send messages that are initially his. For REYOL ENJOY, the artist is only someone who passes on emotions, positive or negative, an intermediary, an interpreter who explains his vision of things.

Let yourself be guided by your emotions, your feelings, do not hesitate to let yourself go on the canvas without thinking of who it is for, have the freedom to create in the moment ... this is the approach of REYOL ENJOY.

Pop Rock
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