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“My work is a reflection of my experiences and my vision of the world. I translate the richness of our cultures as well as spontaneity and gesture in painting. I take a look at our society and I invite the viewer to question the contemporary world."

French artist, born in Lille in 1989, Valentin Walker aka "ALLIAS" is an urban painter, light painter and DJ / producer under his other name "WATT’S UP". Converging for a decade between figurative art, abstraction, calligraphy, and graffiti, he gave birth to two graphic universes which he called "Mecanic Calligraphic" and "Hybrid Graffiti".

ALLIAS is constantly renewing himself, both in his murals and his paintings. His constant travels abroad as well as his attachment to understanding the world in which he lives, ensures his works a universal reading. He interprets in a personal way cultural and artistic references that he has accumulated but he also translates the subtleties of the environment in which he evolves. ALLIAS works with texture and material thus treating temporality and invites us to feel and to guess internally the essence and the inspiration of his works: the street.

His work represents a stage of reflection on the graffiti and calligraphic culture, especially in what is most pure: their spontaneity. ALLIAS also reflects on the figurative movement with the representation of bodies and busts of ancient statuary in a neoclassical movement married to abstraction and graffiti.

Fragmented bodies in free fall, in a vestige state give us a dramatic dimension and testify to the fragility and precariousness of human existence.

Inspired by great painters, sculptors of the last centuries and today’s street artists, ALLIAS refers to artists like Kandinski, Malevich, Mitoraj, Poliakoff, Blo, Pichiavo, Smash137, Tilt to name a few. His participation in different street art festivals around the world, performances for various brands, collaborations with French Alliances and Institutes, personal or collective exhibitions in France, Southeast Asia or Latin America with renowned artists, gradually push him towards an international career.

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