Mister Zero

" I prefer to talk about my paintings rather than me! "

MISTER ZERO is a graffiti artist born in Valence (France) in 1986. His work is sometimes focused on graffiti, sometimes on illustration or typography.

At the same time graffiti artist, painter, street artist, he does not want to go into a box. Whether painting on walls, canvas or objects, the pleasure of MISTER ZERO remains the same. He tries to keep a freedom of expression that belongs to him. And his works reflect this: vibrant colors, controlled forms and a certain taste for escarpism and imagination.

Between abstract and figurative, MISTER ZERO works on the very essence of graffiti. Unwilling to talk about his work, he prefers everyone to make their own representation of his works. He thus wishes not to impose his vision of art to the people who follow him.

Eager for new experiences, MISTER ZERO crossed Europe. Since 2006, he has painted in around thirty countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Poland, Israel…).
Travels inspire him and allow him to meet incredible people.

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