Graffiti, Collage, Mixed


“I am like a researcher who experiments, mixes and crosses styles and tools of creation to constantly enrich my work”

Curious and versatile, LLŒILL is aptly named. From the minimal to the abundant and from the vector to the texture, he juggles and plays with inspirations like graphic design, abstraction or ethnic arts. Playing with flat areas, color gradients or visual frames made of lines or points, rhythm is the conductor and essence of his artworks.

On canvas, he favors a plastic research working by series on identical formats, with stages of saturation by stratum stopped at different times in the process of creation. He improvises and composes progressively from one canvas to another, and questions the control and fate of the artwork, the acceptance of unforeseen events or failures. Why try to control and direct everything, as luck would have it, why not give it a chance?

On the wall on the contrary he likes to have a sketch as a guiding thread and likes to create in waste grounds. He chooses the location and the wall according to its coating, its appearance and its degree of ageing or wear. He has a taste for neglected places, previously full of activity and life, to make them live again, and a way of apprehending urban art as a means of giving a new atmosphere and a second life to a wall and to the room it is part of.

Vecto Hazard
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