Collage, Character, Mixed

Shadee K

“The Teddy Bear is my double, my avatar. There are many details that only I understand but I like it, it speaks to me.”

Born in 1988, SHADEE K started tagging and graffiti in the early 2000s in the northern suburb of Paris. After a few years practicing on the walls and going around the alphabet and lettering, SHADEE K decided to change his style and create characters. The collage appeared obvious ... and it goes faster to stick!!

Since then, he has stuck all over France, mostly in Paris and a little abroad. SHADEE K bombs or still paints occasionally for projects, but his universe definitely evolves around collages.

His inspiration comes from cartoons and comics, from the 90s up to now, and the mascots which were the flagships of brands of those years. And so, the Teddy Bear was born, SHADEE K drew it at the time to give it to his girlfriend. Since then, he has given him life on any kind of surfaces, in all possible and unimaginable situations, whenever he feels like it. The Bear can even be found from time to time in very personal or even intimate positions, but that’s part of life too.

Without any specific artistic education, SHADEE K was able to learn through all the artistic encounters he made, just by watching artists create. In the end, he attended more drawing school "live" than those who took courses.

Teddy Bear Mascot
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