Graffiti, Stencil

Pink'Art Roz

"The spray can, it burst, it flows, it smells the street."

PINK'ART ROZ was born in 1974 in Besançon. A graphic designer by training, she began painting in the 90s with second-hand wall paint and car body paint spray cans.

A self-taught artist, she is inspired by industrial wastelands and propaganda posters for political engagement, the struggles they tell and their narrative quality. The spirit of alternative places also nourishes her style and her reflection. It claims a style of conviction, an expression, a mixture of various techniques (collages, spray, paints and materials) and relies on the stencil.

For the first phase, the development of the grunge, graffiti, colored, washed, stained background, PINK'ART ROZ creates it with an extinguisher on large walls and spray cans on canvas or other objects. Then comes the second phase, a more precise and applied stencil work. Once the stencils are created, PINK'ART ROZ cuts them thoroughly by hand. The stencil of the main subject is generally treated in 4 layers, which makes it possible to highlight the graphic side which she likes for its immediate reading.

PINK'ART ROZ uses pop colors, very saturated, fluo, silvery gold, always in search of strong contrasts for a bigger impact. The colors clash, are projected, scraped, washed ... to ally with the material and "graffiti" elements that reinforce the theme, the idea, for an XXL impact.

Fluo Girl
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