Graffiti, Stencil

Pink'Art Roz

" To create is to resist, To resist is to create "

An all-terrain spray athlete, PiNK’, born in Besancon, is a self-taught French urban artist.

Her attraction to graffiti combined with graphic design techniques allowed her to forge his style where the stencil has a predominant place. Her approach is inevitably committed, above all a poetic commitment.

Think – question – act !

Convinced that art is an essential vector of expression and liberation, PiNK’ creates narrative works that speak, which have things to say, to tell. Her works provoke the spectators, they strike and invite them to question themselves, to take a step aside, with delicacy, love for the Other, for humanity. PiNK’ could be defined as a poet, in love, enraged of Humanity.

Her work as a muralist integrates as much as possible into the location of his interventions, creating an interaction between her frescoes and the environment in which it is located. It is important to her to bring positivity to the neighbourhoods and to the residents who come into contact with her works on a daily basis.

PiNK’ is one of these complex artists, she brings out from her doubts all her poetry and her gentleness about the world, which she constantly questions, coming to impact values, models, our History.

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