Graffiti, Engraving


“I love the idea of graffiti spreading through streets and cities like venom in the veins. "

VENENO is originally from Brittany where she was born at the end of the 80s. She lived for many years in Nantes, a city close to her region of origin. She started graffiti in 2006 in Toulouse. This discipline allows her to travel around the world. Invited to organize graffiti workshops for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in a slum in Mexico, VENENO has also participated in many festivals in Africa: Senegal, Benin, Morocco ...

Her style is reminiscent of the art of engraving, in the style of "Cross Hatching". She generally works her characters with very few colors in order to obtain a very contrasting result.Her illustrations very often represent wild animals or humanized animals in the world of Hip Hop.

This multidisciplinary artist began engraving on linoleum and wood on her return from Mexico in 2015. This country has inspired her enormously and still inspires her. VENENO herself says she fell in love with the country. After living for 3 years in Oaxaca de Juarez in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico), VENENO has returned to settle in France in his hometown, Nantes. Her prints draw heavily on Mexican culture and times lived there.

VENENO also worked for two years with inmates of the Oaxaca prison for men where her workshop was located in the heart of "Taller Grafica Siqueiros" prison. She gave engraving lessons there and developed exhibition projects. Her latest project: “Proyecto Vándalo” (“Vandal Project”) was carried out with 17 inmates in five months.

Along with graffiti and engraving, VENENO develops the art of crochetwork to customize and create emblematic objects of the Hip-hop movement that she covers entirely in wool. She customized a ghetto blaster, a vinyl turntable, sneakers shoes, mixtapes, vinyl records, spray cans for graffiti… Her concept is explained by the desire to divert these Hip Hop objects to make them look less raw, more girly.

Mexico Oaxaca