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"The transformation of the city can go through the artistic, which will make it possible to change the relationship with others and with the urban environment."

Since 1990, SNAKE has been active in the urban environment in all its forms and on all the supports it can offer to a Graffiti artist. Walls, trucks, trains, metro, authorized or not, everything was good to take to meet the bulimia of production of the artist.

Practicing his art in France and in more than twenty countries, it is in 1996 that SNAKE was caught by the justice system for vandalism. From then on, he turned to collaborations and in 2000, he was one of the first in his region to start his own business.

Recognized internationally thanks to his style and his personal technique (wild-style, blocks-letters, characters, tags ...), SNAKE has become a major player in the French graffiti scene.

Fan of large surfaces, SNAKE has developed a real professional artistic sense for large-scale projects, for which large brands have called upon him.

His philosophy regarding urban space is well defined. For him, the true transfiguration of the city of the future will not go through the construction of large towers but through the different look that residents will have on their living space. The point is to highlight places which exist, but that people no longer perceive in their daily lives. You have to write a story.

Culture, urban planning and architecture must provide the means for artists to reclaim urban space. The goal being to make people talk about it to transmit, awaken, rejuvenate and modernize our places of common life through creation.

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