Abstract, Mixed


“My progress is my obsession. Each new creation must be better than the previous one”

LOODZ was born in 1978 in Haute-Savoie. It is in the world of comics and especially science fiction that LOODZ discovers his first drawings. Graffiti adept during his early years, he was strongly inspired by "PARIS-TONKAR", the Paris graffiti "bible" of the early 90s. For several years, LOODZ will let his creativity express itself on the walls of his city.

But very soon, LOODZ is tempted by the painting, because it is the best way for him to push further his quest for perfection.

Over the years, influenced by his travels like the one in Peru, his style evolves. He returns to his first BD-inspired loves and develops a strong palate for colors.

His current work remains abstract but the explosions of bright colors of his paintings leave the imagination fly away at the whim of the moment. His universe clearly tends towards a futuristic aesthetic. In LOODZ's creations, everyone can see his own vision of the future.

He leads us into the peregrinations of the body, the soul and the mind, where perception is put to the test by the point of view, just as the moment can be.

Now based in Lyon, LOODZ remains focused on his new creations and keeps challenging us as his futuristic imagination is full of resources.

Body Spirit