Graffiti, Mixed


“For the graffiti movement to exist, we need men and cities, walls and living things”

KANOS was born in 1983 in the northern suburbs of Paris. Everything started when he was a kid as he used to take the RER D to go to Paris. He then saw through the window shapes and colors placed in unusual places.

Graffiti artist throughout his youth, KANOS is still a member of his youth crews. While studying at the fine arts, he created the CelloGraff concept with Astro, another artist. Working on a cellophane base in the street came from the idea of ​​making his own surface of expression.

His paintings evoke the ephemeral and the fragility of our constructions and of nature. The mixture of the organic with the urban elements summarizes for him the essence of the movement he claims to be a part of. Men and cities, the living and the mineral, the organic and the steel are the elements that one finds in his artwork because it is how he illustrates a vision of humanity.

For KANOS, painting is an outlet, it allows him to bring out with violence what he cannot bring out with words. He represents elements close to the living (organs, viscera, skulls) as well as elements of the urban environment like buildings, cranes.

Although he defines himself as a Street-Graphic artist, he also likes to mix different forms of art together, as he did during his last performance with a spray, performed with the harmonic orchestra of Levallois on behalf of an association, that played Mussorgsky’s music.

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