Deliveries are handled by a recognized carrier that is UPS. Once your purchase is made, we will contact you to determine the best delivery times that are convenient for you, either by email or by phone. If you prefer, you may contact us to set these delivery terms.


Nevertheless, if you have the possibility, you can pick up your artwork directly at our showroom located in the suburbs of Paris. There will be no delivery expenses charged. To organize the pick up of the artwork with us, do not hesitate to call us at our customer number : +33 (0)6 99 96 27 85.


WE NEED ART ensures the delivery of the artworks in Metropolitan France as well as in all the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, and Monaco.

For a delivery outside Europe as well as for the DROM-COM, do not hesitate to call us or to send us an email so that we can organize this delivery together. You will find our contact details on the contact page.

Note that for delivery outside the European Union, customs duties may apply and will be charged directly by customs upon receipt of your order.


The shipping costs are indicated on the purchase page of the website according to the progress of your order.

When you choose an artwork and add it back to your cart, you will receive an estimated delivery charge. These fees give you an indication and correspond to estimated costs according to the volume and the size of the artwork concerned for a delivery in Paris area in France.

On the other hand, as soon as you have selected your geographical delivery address, you then have the final delivery costs which are displayed and which are added to the price of the selected artworks.

Note that if you decide to remove your artwork from our showroom, you will not be charged any shipping charges.


Each artwork is packaged by us following a very precise procedure to ensure optimal protection during transport. We use multiple protections (tissue paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, foam corners ...) to ensure optimum quality of delivery.

Note that in case of return of the artwork to WE NEED ART, you must return the artwork in its original packaging properly closed or ensure a packaging of the same quality to ensure that the artwork will not be damaged during transportation.
Do not forget to attach the corresponding purchase invoice and the original certificate of authenticity to your shipment.


If you choose our delivery provider, after contacting us, you will be notified by email of the date of shipment of your package which will be in all cases delivered by hand against signature. If you are absent during the scheduled delivery, our transport provider will reschedule a delivery of the package. If you are still absent during this second delivery, the package will be returned to WE NEED ART and the return costs will be charged on the amount of your refund.

In the case of an order comprising several artworks by the same artist or several artists, these artworks will be delivered to you in one go, and in one or more parcels according to the specificities of the artworks.

In all cases, and for all deliveries, you must ensure that the artwork is delivered in good condition. You must check the condition of the artwork by opening the packaging before signing the delivery slip of the transport provider. Whenever possible, check the status of the artwork quickly to allow the delivery provider to continue touring.

If you come to withdraw the artwork in our showroom, you will be able to see firsthand the quality of the artwork.


The delivery time depends on the location of the delivery address you indicated in your order. The average delay for delivery in France and Europe is 7 days. In any case, we contact you to define the delivery methods that are most convenient for you.

If you choose to be delivered by our transport provider, you will receive a delivery tracking number by email and you will be able to manage the arrival of your order directly with the service provider.

If you choose to pick up the artwork from our showroom, you can contact us at the customer number to make an appointment and to present you with your order confirmation and a piece of identification.


All artworks transported are insured on the departure route warehouse - arrival on the place of delivery defined during the order. In case of return of the artwork: