Papa Mesk

"Composition, spontaneity, dynamism and color characterize my work"

Born in 1972 in the suburbs of Paris, PAPA MESK was from the beginning, a player in the Parisian graffiti movement. Founding member of the UTP (Underground Tribal Painterz) crew, he has been the privileged witness of the urban movement for thirty years. PAPA MESK has also traveled abroad as a writer (London, Amsterdam, Barcelona ...).

Passionate about calligraphy, PAPA MESK mixes the influences of the graffiti movement with those of classical contemporary art.

With a diploma in visual arts, he becomes graphic designer, which allows him to expand his range of knowledge and to approach a new medium for his creations: the canvas. This surface allows him to reinterpret his influences and to develop his style. He experiments binders and pigments, creates his own inks in order to control the texture, the miscibility, and the colors' quality.

His canvases are built by instinct by accumulating tags, in a palette of colors with high vibrancy. Each drop, brightness and dripping, is the subject of careful attention, allowing their perfect integration into the final composition. His artworks become more abstract and the composition more graphic. Dynamism, color, and evolution characterize his work. He now has a real artistic signature.

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