Portrait, Mixed


“I use colors as a vector of emotions, feelings. Each color has a symbolic”

Self-taught artist born in 1987, JORIS is a graduate of Fine Arts. Curious, he experiments and is interested in all pictorial techniques such as spray painting, oil painting, acrylic, watercolor...

He has many sources of inspiration. He is influenced by classical pictorial movements such as impressionists, surrealists and cubists but also by contemporary urban artists who are very active in the capital.

His approach to colors is special. According to him, some colors are not reachable, some harmonies can be electric, others sinister ... The colors vibrate in his creations because they are everywhere and they inspire him, bright colors mainly.

JORIS also shares his passion through teaching as he teaches graffiti.

"I try to convey the passion of drawing, through the use of the spray. As there are not really any rules, everything is allowed, I give my tracks and I try to guide my students at best. They have things to express, experiences to do. I encourage them and give them all possible advice to accompany them in what could take a little more breadth in their lives, free expression".

JORIS acknowledges that he keeps learning every day. He has never learned as much since he's faced with freedom of action.

Symbol Color