Graffiti, Lettering, Abstract

Lady K

" The tag is the only expression that makes it possible to establish a direct, frank and spontaneous dialogue between the viewer and the author. It's an artist's signature."

Born in 1978 in the suburbs of Paris, LADY K. dared to break the very masculine codes of writing by imposing her unique feminine posture. Her extreme eccentricity in the choice of her actions, styling and attitude, make her aesthetic a singularity in the art world.

His surreal “calligramminimalist” performances now inspire many artists around the world. We can already use the terminology “Lady.Kaism” to name the resumptions of her concepts by her peers, which she calls “overpressionism”.

The idealized image of the painter is turned upside down: the stained blouse is replaced by a sequined dress with a long train, an imposing fake fur coat, the beret is replaced by pink, purple and blue wigs. The bag? The “neverfull” of Louis-Vuitton.

A compulsive draftswoman from a very young age, LADY K. fills sketchbooks and canvases by brilliantly merging writing and science. The mathematical formulas are gracefully and appropriately integrated into a dynamic and (bi)chromatic lettering, her watercolors are imbued with a great tenderness that counterbalances the energy of the Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese letters...

Avid of data on the world, LADY K. reads a lot of books from all disciplines (from philosophy to quantum physics via neurosciences and politics) which enrich her artistic reflection.

Her artworks are exhibited and seen in many countries, in Europe, the USA or Russia. The stays she has made in cities such as Berlin, Moscow, Rome, London, or even the gates of the Sahara, permeate her plastic research.
There is no doubt that LADY.K, an emblematic figure of writing, will continue to mark the history of art, with her form of expression as innovative as abstraction has been.

Wall Tag