Character, Graffiti, Mixed


“I am HEM. My character is called YO.  Adopt him !! 

Born in 1969, HEM has already lived or still lives several artistic lives, all as rich as each other.

In the 80s, he is HEM, a Parisian graffiti artist of the first generations. He creates on the walls and the palisades as well as in the famous spots of the capital and gets noticed thanks to his monochrome characters. His artwork is even published in the "PARIS-TONKAR" bible.

Then this underground life stopped suddenly, and life resumed its course, but still in the artistic field. HEM began studying animation at the Gobelins school and after a few years, he became director of animated series as Totally Spies and Martin Mystery, his films showing in France and internationally,

Finally, in 2015, he renewed with his childhood loves and took paintbrushes and sprays again to produce a series of original paintings inspired by his new character, YO, born out of his two passions: cartoons and painting.

"It all started with a simple stain of paint on a corner of the table. Not a first throw, a simple multicolored stain. I added two eyes to this stain and gave it a slender figure: a character was born. People liked this character. I had to make him live. "

And this new life of HEM will not only continue to take shape on canvas, but also on walls, since HEM is called to take part in major artistic projects. As for us, we only want to see this character flood the capital.

Character Cartoon
  • 46.4 x 32.4 inches

    Acrylic, Brush, Roller, Dripping

    2 300 €
  • 46.4 x 35.6 inches

    Acrylic, Brush, Roller, Dripping

    2 500 €
  • 46.4 x 32.4 inches

    Acrylic, Brush, Roller, Dripping

    2 220 €
  • 32.4 x 46.4 inches

    Acrylic, Brush, Roller, Dripping

    2 320 €
  • 32.4 x 26 inches

    Acrylic; Brush, Roller, Dripping

    700 €
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