Graffiti, Character


" Graffiti is fun and as long as there is fun, I will continue."

Born in 1986 in Orleans, NAÖH has always drawn characters, landscapes. She entered the world of graffiti in 2006 after meeting STIME, but it was in 2008 that she made her first tag on a road sign.

Why NAÖH? "In chemistry, this is the formula for caustic soda, a corrosive, I think it suits me well," says the artist, smiling. "The adrenaline you get when you are doing a graffiti is fantastic, and the pleasure of walking past your fresco every day is very pleasant."

Graffiti for NAÖH is first and foremost fun, but also a means of expression and each painting is a source of pride. What she prefers is to look for abandoned places to carry out her graffiti, the calm which reigns there inspires her and often, NAÖH prefers to immerse herself in the place before coming back later to create.

NAÖH uses spray cans for her creations, but also acrylic paint with rollers and brushes. For some creations, the artist often uses a mix of techniques.

NAÖH’s inspiration is multiple, from impressionists to tattoo artists, to other graffiti artists, but what inspires the artist above all is nature. She developed a passion for birds which gives her the inspiration to create her frescoes and paintings. "I have always loved birds, they give off a certain strength and power that I try to transcribe on the walls. "

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