Graffiti, Character, Lettering

Kat & Action

“3 words that characterize us: the journey, the colors and the encounters."

Duo on and off stage, KAT & ACTION, both born in 1985, met around painting. KAT, illustrator, comes from an art school and ACTION, graffiti artist, is self-taught. One painted on canvas, the other in the street. Together, they mixed brushes and aerosols, learned each other’s techniques, painted side by side then merged their creative processes for collective works.

This creative process, launched in November 2018, allows them to practice together their passion for mural painting and to question the complementary aspect of their practice. KAT mainly likes details, she draws her inspiration from animal subjects, even if she does not neglect portraits. ACTION develops his research around lettering, influenced by abstract art and constructivism, he likes structural work and rigorous geometry.

"What characterizes our creation is the combination of our two styles," observes KAT. The work of ACTION on the letter serves as an architectural structure to build KAT ‘s animal ... "One does not disappear under the other, but the whole merges perfectly to become one," she said. The fusion of illustration and graffiti sums up their creative process.

Their common universe is then often identifiable through a very graphic "urban jungle" of bright and contrasting colors. In the will to enchant our environment, to challenge us and to make us rediscover it from another angle, as well as to reintroduce natural in the urban setting, the bestiary has become their trademark.

Animal Letter
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