Steve Pitocco

" In my work, I never restricted myself to ease, I always tried to work my thing,
to think of something."

Born in 1977 in the suburbs of Paris, STEVE PITOCCO discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti at the age of 15 and joined the JCT crew. This will intrinsically influence his creation and his way of life. He gave birth to "Koeurélé", his trademark, which he affixed with poetry and sweetness in the urban space, his playground. This little flying heart still follows him today and is an integral part of many of his creations.

Graduated from a Master of Design in 2001, STEVE PITOCCO joined various big companies for which he developed the graphic universe of products. This experience will allow him to expand his personal creative universe.

Faced with a society in which the result alone counts, the artist opposes a humanist vision in which the creation of a work becomes an integral part of the work itself.

In painting, he refined his style and found his mode of expression through YARNING. A typical technique that he created and which consists of painting with a thread of matter, precise alloying of different matters, proposing several levels of reading: the work, the reliefs, the emotion of the line. The brush never touches the support, the creation develops in suspension, like a flight over distance, in lightness. The line of his works is therefore particular, sometimes soft, sometimes nervous, always free. STEVE PITOCCO does not impose his line, but rather proposes a direction.

Heart Wing
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