Graffiti, Character, Mixed


"I am a spray can illustrator, I like people to question my paintings, I leave them a certain level of freedom in the interpretation."

Born in 1987, KORSÉ is an artist from the west of France, from Nantes more precisely. Passionate about drawing since his childhood, he continues with studies of graphic design and modeling.

His universe is phantasmagorical, poetic, his inspirations are multiple. Everything inspires him : travels, animals, the city ... all that surrounds him, but he also feeds on the things of everyday life, both positive and negative. He likes to transcribe in his creations emotions that we cannot always share and he does not hesitate to put messages in his artworks.

KORSÉ references are diverse, singing poets like Brassens, humorists like Coluche or Desproges, cartoonists like Miyasaki ... but also graffiti pals like Persu or Ensù.

He defines himself the characters or animals that populate his creations of "Urbanimals" or "Urbanmonsters", which oscillate between the absurd and the unusual, a subtle blend of humor and abstraction. He happily creates tree-hats, suitcase-fishes and other critters of the same kind.

KORSÉ is working on sketches upstream of his achievements, but this remains a base. Improvisation remains an important part of his creations, mainly on the colors and the addition of small details that come to his mind only once he has started on the wall or canvas.

Urban Poet
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