Graffiti, abstract

Serty 31

“I am passionate about aesthetics, design, modern architecture and new technologies, which feeds my Graffuturist approach"

SERTY 31 grew up and spent his childhood in the mixed neighborhood of Paris Chinatown, where Asian culture was his main source of inspiration with its bright signs, its imposing typographic codes, its colorful mangas, its robotic superheroes, and its futuristic cartoons.

SERTY 31 discovered graffiti in the mid-80s on the palisades surrounding the major development works of the Louvre Museum. The impact was instantaneous! From then on, he knew that graffiti would be a turn in his life. It was a revelation for him, and later it became his devoted mode of expression through which he identified himself, the best way to express his vision.

After taking his first steps in 1989 in the streets of his neighborhood as a true self-taught artist, he started under the name of SERTY in 1992.

He then developed his graffiti skills with a more and more constructive approach, which earned him recognition for his graphic style with clean and precise lines.

His artworks, which can be described as grafic-abstract, call for bright and contrasting colors, pure lines intersecting and plans destructured by explosions of graphic forms. The use of phosphorescent paint also reveals his work in the dark through a double ultra-graphic reading giving it a truly unique aspect.

Future Robot