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Masterpiece Street Art Graffiti Artist Science Fiction Character

Street Artist LOODZ was born in 1978 in Haute-Savoie, France. It is first of all the world of comics and particularly science fiction which fascinates him and leads him to draw his first sketches. As a teenager, he discovered “PARIS-TONKAR”, the bible of Parisian graffiti from the early 90s, the first French book in which photos of most of the graffiti and vandal tags of writers from those years were gathered. His artistic life was already traced.

Very early on, LOODZ was tempted by canvas, because it was the best way for him to push his quest for perfection further. After the success of his first exhibition in 2010, LOODZ decides to invest full time in creation. The artist has always felt that time should not be wasted as our presence on earth is of limited duration. You have to realize your desires, your passions even if it's complicated.

The style of his works today is still influenced by comics from his childhood. Bright colors, exaggerated shapes, soft lines and a lot of emotions transmitted to the reading of the artwork. A follower of the martial arts, LOODZ specifies that he paints with the same concentration as that which he observes when he practices Kung-Fu. His freehand painted lines are smooth, stable or even perfect. He tries with different brushes and pigments and looks for the most regular lines possible. The use of bright colors aims to make lines and graphics more eye-catching. To obtain an ideal texture, LOODZ superimposes several layers of pigment, up to thirty in most cases.

The Street Art frescoes that LOODZ creates on the wall are very different from his creations on canvas, which remain more intimate. For the walls, he does not prepare a draft and gets carried away by improvisation. In these moments, he likes the pleasure of creating randomly, at the whim of emotions and rediscovers the habits of street graffiti artist of his adolescence, speed, simplicity, adrenaline ... even if he no longer practices unauthorized graffiti. It’s a whole different approach to art. For LOODZ, graffiti tells stories on a wall, allowing people to stop and try to interpret.

The paintings on canvas that LOODZ creates are more complex to grasp. Their deep meaning is difficult to translate into words, such as "meaning of life", which is an abstract concept prized by the artist. Transcribing it onto a canvas, expressing it in the language of art forces the viewer to spend more time in imaginary interpretation.

A trip to Peru in 2013 brought many inspirations to LOODZ. The traditions and cultures of local minorities opened his eyes to the priorities of life, a simple life, linked to nature and concerned with the ecological environment. LOODZ also adhered to a certain philosophy of life symbolized by local totems like the combination of three circles representing the body, the soul and the spirit. These symbols are found in many of his canvas creations.

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