By WE NEED ART publié le 2020-05-03


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KORSÉ, it is an imaginary world in perpetual motion, a Tim Burton-style universe…. on paper, canvas or walls. He considers himself more as an illustrator than an artist. "Everyone can be an artist, everything can be art, and it's hard to say what " real "art is, everything is art and nothing is art". All is said!!

KORSÉ always drew, and even today, he still has his sketchbook close to his hand, or rather his pencil. As soon as he has five minutes in front of him, he begins to scribble ... sketches, lettering, characters .... depending on the mood ... and often all three at the same time.

Graduate from the School of Applied Arts, he believes that the school does not teach students to create, but it learns to observe and maintain a diligent work attitude, which has always played a key role in his work. In addition to constantly observing and creating new works on canvas and on walls, KORSÉ also finds inspiration in music. He listens to different styles of music every day, depending on his emotions: electronic music, hip hop, pop, classical ... he loves Brassens, the poet singer.

His creative themes include politics, the protection of endangered species, the environment and ecology, social issues ... all of the societal themes that occupy us today. He hopes to raise people's awareness through his creations that are both humorous and critical. For example, he called for an end to the use of cell phones at all costs and to return to more friendly communication with the people around us.

KORSÉ likes to push spectators to their limits and he wants to get them out of their comfort zone. He likes to say that he uses art to have a conversation with the world, and he hopes at his small level to use his influence to change things a little and make the world better. You could say it is wishful thinking, but if he sticks to it, it can work, and anyway it is better than doing nothing.

KORSÉ loves to travel and has left his mark on Europe, North America and Africa, even if it is not always possible to create street art everywhere. The trips opened his mind and influenced many changes in his vision of the world. He himself says that it opened up his horizon. For example, he spent some time in Senegal and it taught him to live in complicated and difficult situations, like the inhabitants of the country. The difficulties of life and poverty have motivated the artist to create on causes that are dear to him to raise awareness. After returning to Europe, he reviewed his Western consumption habits and decided to consume only what is useful. KORSÉ considers that our level of consumption in the West is a luxury. He always keeps in mind the situation of the inhabitants of these poor countries, for whom eating is a luxury.

If he had to describe himself, KORSÉ would say that he is passionate, enjoying life, living in the present, without drawing plans for the future. He also thinks of being a socially responsible painter. He evokes for this the experience he shared in creating wall frescoes with refugees who came to France. After finishing the painting of the fresco, one of the African refugees recited a poem and even if nobody spoke his language, everyone was very touched. It is this openness to the world that drives KORSÉ. His last word: "Follow your dreams !! "