By WE NEED ART publié le 2020-04-22


Masterpiece Street Art Graffiti Kanos Fresco Canvas

It all started when, as a kid, KANOS took the RER D train to escape from the northern suburbs and go to Paris. He then saw through the window shapes and colors on the walls, placed in unusual places, colored lettering, blocks, flops…. a whole unknown artistic literature that he would soon discover: the tag first and the graffiti then.

Spending all his adolescence in the Hip-Hop and graffiti culture, he is very quickly attracted by the drawing, but it is only after his encouter with ASTRO, another graffiti artist, that the sessions will be started, personal for KANOS, lettering for ASTRO.

These two artists have created together a few years ago the concept of the "Cellograph", namely a cellophane plastic stretched between two poles or between two trees, on which it is easy to be able to create a fresco with sprays, like on a wall, without the constraints of finding that wall and leaving an indelible or unauthorized trace. Since then, many graffiti artists have adopted this concept, which we see flourishing at many Street Art festivals.

KANOS is a traveling graffiti artist. Hong Kong has strongly influenced him. Of all the cities he visited, Hong Kong has had the deepest influence on his art. Since this trip in 2015, KANOS has frequently used elements of Hong Kong in its urban creations, be it glittering light displays, signs written in Chinese, densely crisscrossed streets, industrial buildings. This city and its inhabitants are for him the exact transcription of what he feels when he speaks of mechanical and organic creation, the city and the humans who both create it, modify it, inhabit it and are engulfed by it.

Member of the ODV crew in France since 2004 and of the CBS crew in the USA, KANOS also regularly joins the American members of his crew for road-trips across the United States with stages to create murals with local graffiti artists, Denver, El Paso, Austin, Las Vegas…. His last trip saw him cross 12 cities in 20 days, more than 8,000 miles. Creating murals in the land of graffiti is an extraordinary sensation for KANOS, but the main thing is to create with friends. The crew is first and foremost a family.

KANOS has also been active in Asia, having produced murals in Cambodia, Vietnam and more recently in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu). This huge country inspired and attracts him. He hopes to return when the COVID-19 epidemic is over.

Finally, KANOS also likes to mix his art with other artistic creations. The most spectacular was the creation of a mural fresco accompanied by the Levallois-Perret harmonic orchestra playing music created by Moussorgski, for the benefit of the association "Autistic without borders 92". On the basis of the word "HARMONY", KANOS produced a splendid fresco, both organic and mechanical, for the duration of the musical piece.

In conclusion, we are waiting for KANOS 'next trip and the film he will make allowing us to travel, admire and dream.