By WE NEED ART publié le 2020-04-13


Masterpiece Street Art Graffiti Artist Daco Graffaune

The DACO workshop is located in a former factory in Antony, in the Parisian suburbs. In the DACO workshop, spray cans of all colors are tidy, giving a vibrant and colorful impression, which fits perfectly with the artist’s artistic style. Three Street Art paintings in the course of creation are aligned against the wall, itself decorated in DACO style, Street Art style.

Owning a Master Degree of Fine Arts from Nantes and from the Gobelins School of Visual Arts, DACO has developed his own Graffiti style over the years. The basis of his current style is called "GRAFFAUNE", a way of showing the shapes and emotions of wild (or not) animals in Graffiti format. As you noted, "GRAFFAUNE" is a word created from scratch that mixes GRAFFITI, the world of graffiti artists and WILDLIFE in French, the world of animals. This unique style is the signature of DACO, his Street Art trademark.

DACO once said, "I am committed to studying the evolution of animals in the city. »And since then, he has constantly created wall murals or more intimate artworks on canvas. His graffiti animal series have a striking style and all the animals are composed of geometric figures, forming the unique kingdom of the artist's urban jungle. The special expression of geometric fragments has also become a symbol of DACO. His creations are angular, sharp, spicy….

In fact, if you only look closely, the color and lines of the animal are distorted, but the portrait of the animal has a strong visual impact. DACO tries precisely to use these brushstrokes to reflect the vitality of these wild animals. The animals under his brush seem to rush out of the frame and invade the city, bringing vitality to the different spaces of the town. At the end, one might think that the creature will leap from the frame and grab you…

DACO has been invited by institutions such as the “Alliance Française” to create his series of Graffiti animals on the walls of buildings in different countries: France, Switzerland, Chile, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Portugal, West Indies, etc. Recently, DACO even collaborated with the Hong Kong installation art space called "SLOOPSPACE" to design a special version for their villainous artoy SLOO.

When DACO realizes his GRAFFAUNE paintings on the walls, whether for public or private projects in the city or for his personal pleasure on the walls of abandoned factories, he first prepares a drawing matrix on paper. This will allow him to design the animal form and the approximate distribution of colors, then create details based on the size of the wall, the environment and other factors, in particular the fragmentation of the color. As there is a lot of spontaneity and adaptation in real time, DACO always finishes its graffiti works by letting its emotions influence it. This method allows the graffiti artist to create richer visual effects.

Note that DACO also works on canvas. He was recently invited to paint portraits of two star players of the ASM Clermont Auvergne rugby team for a project led by the club, the “ART & RUGBY project”. DACO specifies: “It is the first time that I have created a human portrait but I always prefer to paint animals. "

DACO also plans to produce a huge mural fresco at the request of the Town Hall of Vanves (92). More than 150 square meters of walls on which his GRAFFAUNE animals will be able to participate in the life of the city and its inhabitants, but it will be after the end of the confinement due to COVID-19.