By Philippe Torres publié le 2019-01-07


Already released for 6 months ... but this is my Christmas present 2018, so I just finished reading.

You will enjoy reading the life stories of these 47 French women writers, who have many common points but also some peculiarities. None are alike, even though many of them have graffiti together. On the different periods covered in the book (1980, 2010 but especially 1990 and 2000), the sensations are the same, adrenaline, pleasure, fear, friendship .... the report to the men writers and the conclusion that to run, jump over the fences, bomb, tag ...... it's not a question of sex, just a matter of envy and for the best, talent.

You will discover flops, chrome, throw-ups, characters on many photos entrusted by the artists themselves. And now, when you recognize these names in the street, on walls, on trucks (for those who still perform), you can say, "Hey, it's a woman writer who did that! ".

Here is the pitch on the 4th cover:

“Graffeuses” is a tribute to those who practice pure graffiti in France. Of course, in this predominantly masculine area, they are in the minority and if, on the one hand, they can arouse curiosity or even admiration, they also come up against certain cliches. Running less quickly, being a snitch, not having a technique ... these are the "qualities" that we lend them. And a simple "not bad for a girl!” as a recurring compliment. As many prejudices as the authors, graffiti themselves, have decided to undermine by going to collect from their sisters, a crude word that tells both a personal experience and a shared passion for this demanding discipline. Four men also participated in the adventure, delivering live their vision of women writers.

Through the hundreds of photographs presented here, the style, whether claimed as feminine or asexual, unambiguously illustrates the same love for letters and their infinite graphic possibilities.

A way to portray, in multi-faceted, an artistic production too little known and it was high time to highlight.

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