Collectif, Street Art

Gallery 122

30 years after the departure of Serge Gainsbourg, the Dauphine market (Saint-Ouen Flea Market) gives white card to the ONE TOUTOU Gallery (stand 122) to pay tribute to this singer, lyricist, musician… painter in his beginnings, follower of Parisian nights. Ultra-sensitive provocative, Gainsbourg has built his double-sided image over the years, GAINSBOURG for close friends and GAINSBARRE for others.

From Saturday February 27 to Sunday April 18, 2021, more than forty artists (painters, stencil artists, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers ...) will pay tribute to the great Serge on the anniversary of his death. The artists, brought together by the current tenants of the ONE TOUTOU Gallery (YARPS, Parisian stencil artist from the very beginning, the artist REYOL ENJOY and WE NEED ART, an internet platform specializing in the online sale of artworks by Street Art artists created by Philippe TORRES) will exhibit in the adjoining stands of the gallery their vision of the character that is Serge Gainsbourg.

Realistic or abstract portraits, the artists transcribe an era, an atmosphere, a universe…. the GAINSBOURG universe or even his universes ...

Street Art